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Office of Strategic Planning

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Atelier Future

Atelier Future is centered around the theme of the FUTURE. At National Cheng Kung University, it stands as a champion of the future, an innovator in practice, and a guide in thought, accompanying everyone in exploring and witnessing the emergence of change. By collectively proposing ideas for the future, your learning will have an impact on the world!

Our Team

Senior Vice President, National Cheng Kung University
Professor, Department of Architecture

+886 6 2757575 ext. 63020

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Architecture

+886 6 2757575 ext. 80921

Contact Atelier Future

+886 6 2757575 ext. 80920 / 80921
3F, Shreve Hall, Sheng-Li Campus
No.1, University Road,
Tainan City 701, Taiwan
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