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Office of Strategic Planning

Our Divisions

Strategic Planning and Development

  • Formulate top-down 3-to-5-year strategy drafts based on NCKU’s vision and university affairs analysis results to support university executives in developing suitable strategies
  • Organize and plan International Advisory Board Meetings on university affairs
  • Plan strategic objectives to achieve NCKU’s vision based on the University’s proposition and data analysis results, submit the objectives to university executives for review and provide the objectives to relevant departments as a reference for formulating necessary strategic plans and performance indices
  • Manage and test the compliance of various departments to university-level strategies and carry out performance evaluations as a reference for the rolling adjustment of actions plans and resource allocation
  • Propose response measures for and solutions to immediate challenges
  • Help departments identify and reduce bottlenecks
  • Keep up to date with the current trends in higher education
  • Carry out various university affairs projects

Our team

Division Director of Strategic Planning and Development Division

+886 6 2757575 ext. 50008 / 51064

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Office of Strategic Planning
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