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Office of Strategic Planning

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board oversees the development of university-level affairs and consolidates departmental achievements.

Regulations for Establishment of National Cheng Kung University International Advisory Board

Approved by the 215th administrative meeting on December 21, 2022

Article 1
In order to plan and develop major institutional-level development strategies, National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter referred to “the University”) has set up the National Cheng Kung University International Advisory Board (hereinafter referred to “the Board”) to assist on major institutional-level development strategies in accordance with the establishment regulations.


Article 2
The duties of the Board are as follows:
2.1 Provide advices on the University’s strategic development and lead the University to deepen innovation advancement and global competitiveness.
2.2 Research and discuss the University’s strategic plans and action items to ensure that the overall development blueprint is examined from a professional perspective.
2.3 Review the performance of all the development plans to ensure that the University’s resources are fully integrated and be able to reach the maximized benefits.
2.4 Provide consultations and advices on other major institutional affairs development matters.


Article 3
The President shall serve as the convener of the Board with other seven (7) to fifteen (15) board members. The President shall invite and appoint the board members. Appointments should be made from among distinguished leaders of the community whose are former heads of government ministries, presidents of foreign universities, or supervisors/directors at the same management level, academicians in academia, industry leaders and alumni etc. The tenure of service shall be one year and can be re-appointed upon expiration.

The Board shall appoint an Executive Secretary who is concurrently served by the Director of the Office of Strategic Planning.


Article 4
The Board meeting shall be convened at least once a year and extraordinary meeting can be convened when necessary. The President shall recommend one of the board members as the Chair. If the Chair is unable to preside over the meeting for reasons, the Chair may designate a board member to act as his/her deputy.

When the board meeting is held, personnel from relevant departments and units may be invited to report or attend.


Article 5
Members of the Board are unpaid position. External board members shall receive attendance fees, transportation expenses and other related expenses from the University in accordance with the regulations of the university.


Article 6
The administrative affairs of the Board are handled by the Office of Strategic Planning.


Article 7
These regulations shall be implemented upon approved by the Administrative Meeting. Any amendments shall be processed accordingly.

The NCKU International Advisory Board was officially inaugurated on 29 March 2021. Board members include the former director of the Ministry of Education, former Ministry of Science and Technology, presidents of a top-100 overseas university, and experts in various academic and industrial domains.

An International Advisory Board Meeting is expected to be held annually to review past achievements and expected benefits. Different topics will be set each year based on the current situation, and potential issues will be comprehensively examined.

The International Advisory Board, inaugurated on 29 March 2021, is the first board formed in NCKU since 2012. The valuable suggestions shared by the board members have benefited the University significantly, and they serve as a reference for reviewing achievements and forming strategic plans in various departments and offices.

The Task Force published the first NCKU International Advisory Board Report (English/Chinese).

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