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Office of Strategic Planning

Our Divisions

Branding and Communication

  • Build an International Brand Identity System for brand marketing to build NCKU’s international reputation
  • Communicate internal and external information and relay university successes to stakeholders
  • Identify social and national demand, clarify the core values and requirements of national policies, and discuss the relevance between national policies and university policies
  • Create monographs, publications, videos, and promotional materials and monitor the quality and progress of various departments to strengthen university brand image
  • Carry out various university affairs projects

International Brand Guidelines

Whilst remaining true to NCKU’s existing brand, the international visual identity presents the work of the University in a more distinctive, emotive and accessible way to communicate the aims and capabilities of NCKU to international audiences. In this guide you’ll find all the elements of the NCKU international visual identity and inspiration for how to apply them in a consistent and engaging way.

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Associate Professor, Department of Architecture

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