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A Milestone of Smart Healthcare in Taiwan

Huey-Jen Jenny Su, President of NCKU, presented the vision plan of the Shalun medical service & innovation hub to Premier Su Tseng-chang on March 26, at the site.

Premier Su gives his full support for smart healthcare industry development in south Taiwan and the Shalun hub, “which will manifest our engagement for health and respect for life, and demand the commitment and partnership of NCKU medical expert team with industry and government, to deliver a big goal to offer better healthcare for people in South Taiwan.” This event was also attended by Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che, and NCKU medical expert team.

The Shalun hub will accommodate the Shalun Regional Hospital, a laboratory for future factory and manufacturing, a logistic center for e-commerce and mega store and various research centers for education and training, international medical care, children medical care, new pandemic and big data for healthcare. It will be a hub to lead the technology development of smart healthcare and medical device, 5G, AIoT, IDC energy storage and e-commerce and envision the future of smart healthcare deployment in Taiwan, according to NCKU.

NCKU President Su notes that more than 6,000 potential job opportunities and 30,000 new residents will emerge in Shalun, and the Shalun medical service and innovation hub will serve purpose to provide cutting edge medical service for the new community in Shalun and the residents in South Taiwan, with the capacity of 664 beds at The Shalun Regional Hospital, the capability for extensive testing at the new pandemic research center and the further research and development of precision medicine by the big data research center.

Shalun medical service & innovation hub, as a pilot project initiated by the Executive Yuan, Tainan city office and NCKU, is officially launched in 2022. The hub aims to introduce cutting edge smart healthcare and precision medicine and offer medical services for children and residents in Shalun, as part of the Shalun Smart Energy City Program in Tainan.

Author: Sarah Wu
Image Credit: Sarah Wu
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